On Growth

Hello friends! How have you been? Before you ask about me too, Well, I have been busy with life. Let’s leave it that way for now, Lol.

Anyways, I would like to share something with you briefly today.

The other day, I served my husband his dinner and he complained that one of the meats was too hard for him. I was surprised because my meat was not hard, in fact, really soft. He insisted that it was hard, and I had to have a look at it, interestingly, it was indeed hard.

And immediately, the Holy Spirit ministered to me about how we all go to church, hear God’s word and yet, we do not all grow spiritually at the same time and pace.

While some people will hear God’s word once and grab it, many would have to listen to it many times assimilating the revelation. See, this doesn’t make you less Christian. Grow in your own space. Spiritual growth should never be a competition. I always say it, run your own race. You do not have to compare yourself with anyone, especially your spiritual journey. It’s your race, it is personal.

Whatever phase you are at, enjoy it and allow God to work through you and for you. Perhaps you feel you should have achieved more or done more than what you currently have, don’t beat yourself up. Be grateful for where God has brought you and where you are right now.

If you are like me, that likes to feel fulfilled in everything, take things easy. Many times, my husband would have to remind me how amazing I am and that I am doing very well. Let me also tell you, yes you, that you are doing just well. Things will get better and better. Most importantly, you will also fulfil your purpose in your own time. No pressure, no rush, just you doing your own thing as God directs you.

So darling, let’s cheer to an amazing time of fulfilment!

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