Turning Around

Turning Around for good!
I remember a song one of my friends sang two years ago-Turning Around. I’m glad to announce to someone reading this that things will begin to turn around for your good henceforth!

I was going out one day and there were lots of passengers struggling to enter a bus(I was also part). I tried to politely hold my position at the front, but there was a woman with her baby in the buggy that maneuvered ahead of me. So there was nothing I could do than to let her in. We all managed to enter that bus eventually. few stops after, the same bus was terminated and we were asked to take another bus. And guess what? I was the first person to alight from that bus and got another bus immediately, suddenly, the last was made first!

Just in the same way God turns things around and you will go from the back to the front. Just one turn around can make you be at the top, you can be at a low position at your workplace, doing your best, honouring God, and suddenly things can change.

Right now you may be thinking that God has forgotten you but I’m glad to announce to you today that things will begin to turn around for your good. Those who don’t like you will begin to have interest in you and what you do; God will put you in a position you never could have attained on your own. This is not about your education or your experiences, when God is ready to turn things around for your good no one can stop it. It is just like a flood, that would sweep away your sorrows and new things will begin to manifest. You may have experienced difficulties and negative things in the past, your boss may be giving you problems right now, you may not even have any job at the moment. It is very easy to become discouraged and let them overwhelm you. The negative thoughts would keep on reminding you of your past, telling you that you cannot make it. But God is saying to you today, a turn around is coming, what should have taken you 20 years to accomplish God will do in a split second.
All you need is to get ready, you are about to meet the right person, you are coming into acceleration , dreams are coming to pass, promises are being fulfilled!

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