Can we have a discussion?

Mary Adekola is my name.

Sisters, can I have a discussion with you?

Can we talk about how you’ve neglected your prayer life?

Can we talk about what’s happening with your relationship, soul, body and heart?

Let’s talk about how we present our fellow sisters in front of others.

Let’s talk about how you keep on changing boyfriends claiming God said no to that brother but deep inside your heart. You know God didn’t lead you to him.

Let’s talk about how we hurt one another with our mouths.

Sisters, can we talk without pretence?

Let’s talk about finding ourselves back after merry go rounding?

Let’s talk about your purpose What exactly are you doing in fulfilling destiny?

Are you not just singing in the choir?

Is that what God really wants from you?

Sisters, can we talk about your hidden sins?

Are you not indulging in sin with that brother?

Are you not keeping malice , saying I will just greet her and walk away Sisters, can we talk without shouting? Can we talk about that your relationship?

Are you sure God led you to that brother?

Are you not tired already? Let’s talk about how you can embrace God’s Grace and call upon your life.

Let’s talk about waking up from long time sleep.

Let’s talk about getting closer to your creator.

Free from the struggles and enjoy God’s Grace.

Let go of the past.

Let go of pains.

Let go of failures.

Let go of shame.

Let go and just be who God wants you to be Just be, Just be that woman.

Warm and soft.

Content and generous.

Humble and kind.

Relaxed and unthreatened.

With love from Agape!

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