The Potential is in You

“You shout whenever you sing” that was what a friend told me some years ago during a vigil. Of course I really shout when I sing and I love doing that.

When she told me that, I was was sad; and I thought I wasn’t good enough to be a song minister. The following Sunday I led praises in my local church and I sang horrible that the choir leader shook his head during the service. I felt so bad and I said “Singing is not for you Mary”

Months after, I started building myself, listening to songs and trained my voice. Now I can sing conveniently without shouting (of course I shout when it is necessary).

I’ve discovered that God has given each of us a gift/treasure, He wants the best from you. That means, you haven’t given your best in what you are doing. He intends for you to have a greater impact on the World than you have had. It’s time to get your hopes up;enlarge your vision, and get ready for the new things that God has on the horizon .

Your best is not behind you, it’s in front of you. All these things will not just happen suddenly, we have to keep pressing forward, stretching ourselves. Get rid of low expectations. Stop making little plans for your life. Don’t have little dreams. Don’t go around thinking you cannot make it in life. Stop saying I don’t know why I’m not as talented as that other person, get rid of the wrong mindset.

God has planted seeds of greatness in us, and you and I have everything we need to fulfil God given destiny. Neurologists have discovered that the average person uses less than 10 percent of his/her mind. That simply means more than 90 percent of the mind’s capability lies dormant.

There is much we can do, you have to take your part and start tapping into it. The fact is, Our potential is in us, whether we use it or not does not diminish it, but it does a great impact our future.

That is why you must use the great potential in you! Many of us think about what someone has said to us in the past, we think of the failures we had, all these things don’t change our potential. This potential has been put in you permanently by the creator of the Universe! What you need to do is, believe, when you believe, you take a step and stretch yourself; that’s when you start to tap into it and rise higher! Say with me: I am anointed I am creative I am talented I am successful I have a potential in me I’m a victor and not a victim Hallelujah!

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