Ninu irin ajomi , Beeni mo n korin

Ninu irin ajo mi, beni mo nkorin
Mo n toka si kalfari, N’ibi eje na
Idanwo lode ninu, l’ota gbe dide
Jesu lo nto mi lo, isegun daju

A! mo fe ri Jesu kin ma w’oju re,
Ki nma korin titi nipa ore re
Ni ilu ogo ni ki ngbohun soke
Pe mo bo, ija tan, mo de ile mi.


Ninu ise isin mi, b’okunkun basu
Un o tubo sunmo Jesu, y’o tan imole
Esu le gb’ogun ti mi, kin le sa pada
Jesu lo nto mi lo, ko se’wu fun mi.


Bi mo tile bo sinu afonifoji
Imole itoni Re, Yio Mole simi
Yio na owo re simi, Yio gbe mi soke
Un o ma tesiwaju, b’o ti nto mi lo


Nigbati iji aye yi ba yi lu mi
Mo ni abo t’o daju, labe apa re
Y’o ma f’owo re to mi titi de opin
Ore ododo ni, A! mo ti f’e to.


  1. I love the song so much, it is inspirational and I always feel as if am in the Paradise.

  2. It’s so calls ones heart back that there’s a place after this sinful world…

  3. I always wonder and doubt if the genuine Holy Spirit that ignited those people used by God to compose this Hymn and even the other ones in Christian Hymn Books still exists. This song is undoubtedly inspirational. I love singing it and even I read the wordings as if I read the Bible. Thank you, God!

    • It does exist very well brother

      There is still God of Elijah, but do we still have Elijah of God?

  4. Can we still see a good composer with an inspirational song like this my hubby, motivated and energizer song that make me to remember heaven my blessed home always as i sing or hear the song tone. Thank you Holy Spirit for great inspiration.

  5. Am always touch anytime i sing this song,i believed i will get their in the throne of mercy

  6. Inspiration!!
    I got the first spiritual breakdown singing the song at my grandpa’s burial ceremony, and since then, I can’t just let go this song.

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