On Purpose

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends about being fulfilled in life. I asked her an important question, “Are you fulfilling purpose?” She was like “I don’t even know if I am”. Does her reply sound funny? I have come to realize many of us cannot say if we are actually fulfilling our purposes.

Many of us find it difficult to actually define fulfillment in life, we cannot say if we are walking in line with our purpose or not. To be fulfilled in life, you must understand the source of fulfilment which is Jesus Christ. Our potential for fruitful living is unlimited because of our source. In John 15:1-10, Jesus Christ says “I am the true vine, that simply tells us that Jesus is our source. When we understand this, then we understand the reason behind Paul’s statement in Philippians 4:13….”I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me”

We become fruitful and fulfilled when we tap into the right source. Not only is He(Jesus) the source but He also takes care of it. Just as Jesus is the source, the father (God) is the vine dresser. As branches, we not only have source but we have God who takes care of it and this make us more fulfilled and fruitful.

However, we cannot be fruitful/fulfilled as we desire if we fail to have sound relationship with our source. Our potential for fruitfulness is great because of our relationship with Him (Jesus). Abide in me and I in you. Basically, that means abide in Him and you will be fine. When we abide in Him, our fruitfulness/fulfillment is certain.

Let’s say it is conditional, if we abide in Him, our delight will be in Him and He will do anything for us Psalms 37:4. If I DELIGHT in God, my desire will be to do things according to His will and to ask according to His will.

Surprisingly in verse 6 of John 15 Jesus says “if anyone does not abide in me” he doesn’t say ” If I do not abide in you”. We have to be sure that Jesus Christ will forever plugged into us the question here is are we going to be plugged into Him forever?

Discover your purpose, stick to your source, abide in Him (JESUS). He has the power, He has the wisdom to implant, He has all the resources you and I need to be fulfilled. Guess what?



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  1. This is Wonderful, I Love This, More Grace and More Anointing, More Strength in Him. In Jesus name, Amen.

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