On Discipline

I was having a conversation with my new friend last week about being consistent with whatever God has committed into our hands and I discovered I have not been consistent too, especially with my blog. The thing is, We will not always be motivated to do that thing God has committed into our hands, so, we really need to be disciplined. We need to be deliberate about fulfilling destiny. Fine, God might have shown you what you need to be doing for him, but you and I need deliberate actions. We need to be consistent with it!

Whether your life is going smoothly now or you are struggling to cope with your present situation, we all want to fulfil purpose. We want to be more effective with our lives, we want to know God more, we want to serve Him more, we want to do more, we want to impact lives with what God has given us. But the question is, How? How can I be more consistent? How can I  be more disciplined? How can I  keep pressing forward without allowing my situations and challenges affect my commitment to fulfilling purpose?

One of the struggles I have in being consistent about my blog is trying to write long articles and stories. I always want to post something that is deep and captivating. But this has not helped me over the years, I have noticed that the more I wait for long post, the more I procrastinate. This has made my blog inactive. This same thing applies to you, yes You, if God has laid something in your heart to talk about, start immediately, don’t wait for something big, there is nothing wrong is starting with what you have. Be positive. Be deliberate. Be consistent. Be disciplined.

No matter how little you think your beginning may be, you can be rest assured that your tomorrow shall be great. These are words form the Lord. So, if you are certain God has spoken to you to start something, do not underestimate what that thing can do with your consistency. Keep pressing forward and be positive toward yourself. Form better habits and be disciplined. One of the things God wants us to do is to be disciplined. Maybe you need to spend some time alone preparing yourself, maybe you need to read more books about what God has spoken to you about, it could even be that you need to develop better relationships, just be deliberate and disciplined.

The bible teaches that we have valuable and wonderful treasure in us. You are different. You have a gift. You have something unique in you that nobody else has. You need to start now, someone out there is waiting for your touch, somebody needs what you have. Don’t live with the treasure and gifts uncovered. Don’t think someone better is doing that thing you are doing, you are unique and different. Press forward. Give birth to the dreams and desires that God has placed in your heart.

Fulfilling destiny is not about competition. You should never compare your achievement with somebody else. Be focused and disciplined. This all start from your heart and mind. You and I must believe that we have everything it takes to impact lives. We have to believe that we have a gift, unique gift that no else has. Forget about what people have said in the past, they might have tried to push you down, be focused and disciplined!

You will not always be motivated, You need to be disciplined!



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  1. Thank you for blessing us with this word. I am encouraged to take my work more seriously, to be deliberate in my actions and be consistent with what God has committed into my hands. Sincerely, it is expected of a steward to be found faithful. A disciplined life will make that happen. Keep writing too, dear. Avoid the pressure of sounding deep or writing long. We love you as you are. And really, simplicity blesses lives always.

  2. It goes a long way. Being Disciplined, consistent with what God has placed in my hands no matter how small. Even big things started in a small way.
    Thank you!

  3. Bless your hear sis… Discipline and Diligence is key. With it, we will stand before kings and not mere men! Glory to Jesus!

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